Daily Archives: October 27, 2016

Making History: AUC Library Wins Prestigious Award

The center is the first HBCU to receive this national honor

When Your Family’s Biological Clock is Ticking

"I probably need to get on that before my cute Cabbage Patch Kids become my babies for real"

“Do It For The Vine” Recap Before it’s Gone Forever

Twitter announced today that the 15-sec video app is shutting down... Goodbye Vine, it was a good run.

Donald Trump Touts ‘New Deal’ for Blacks

The GOP presidential candidate focused on three areas of concern for Black Americans

Judge Rules on Admissible Evidence in Tensing Trial

Defense lawyers wanted to use issues in a police shooting victim's history in the case

Who’s Not Here For Bow Wow? The Internet

According to social media threads, the entertainer receives no love in home state

Jail Visits to be Replaced by Video Screens

Sheriff says technology will stop contraband from entering jail

Coming Soon: Charles Barkley’s “The Race Card”

Will you be watching as the NBA commentator invites all to "a seat at the table?"

LL Cool J Developing CBS Comedy Series

Mr. Cool James is venturing out on his first exec-producer venture