Daily Archives: October 13, 2016

Sneak Peek: Lee Daniels’ Fox Drama ‘STAR’

The creator of 'Empire' is bringing another music-based series to the screen

Twitter Uses Are So Ready For Rogue One!

December is just around the corner and the anticipation for the next wave of the Star Wars franchise has folks amped to full power with ...

Idris Elba to Produce ‘Brazza,’ an Africa-set Drama

Elba takes viewers to the Congo for this dramatic series

First Lady Michelle Obama Denounces Trump

“I know this is a campaign, but this isn’t about politics, it’s about basic human decency.” –Michelle Obama Today, Michelle Obama took to the campaign ...

Harry Belafonte, Celebs Star in Compelling PSA

Notable activists unite to share one message: "Black is not a weapon"

Judge: No Records for Laquan McDonald Shooter

A judge denied Jason Van Dyke access to teen's juvenile records for second time

Boko Haram Frees Small Group of Kidnapped Girls

The schoolgirls were taken two years ago, but many have children by the soldiers

Activists Clash With Cops As Council OKs Contract

Demonstrators arrested as they attempted to stop the passing of law that raises police pay