Daily Archives: October 11, 2016

Woman Displays Horrors of Police Brutality

Woman's yard is filled with decorations that depict victims of police shootings

Floyd Mayweather on “All Lives Matter” Kick

He doesn't seem to get the reasons people say "Black Lives Matter"

JET Chats It Up With Comedian Quinta Brunson

Get the scoop on her new series, plus gems to stay ahead of the game

Clip Tease: WE tv’s Money. Power. Respect.

These ladies are working to receive the power they desire

Kaepernick Named 49ers Starting QB

The team's move comes amid the controversial protests during the national anthem

How Important is Marriage…Really?

An expert examines the importance of marriage in modern relationships

Mark Steele “Turn Around” Inspired by Keith Lamont Scott

North Carolina artist is adding his voice to the conversation of injustice

Activists Arrested Over Video Of Cop Stomping Man

Video footage reportedly shows a police officer stomping a handcuffed man

Are You Registered To Vote? If Not, Here’s How

Today is the LAST day for many states.

S. African Students Protest Education Changes

Protesters are demanding that free education remain an option in country

Derrick Rose to Return to Stand in Rape Lawsuit

Consent is the main issue in the $21 million sexual assault litigation against the NBA star

Chicago Teachers Reach Last Minute Deal

As many as 400,000 students would have been affected by a strike

Jay Z to Produce NBC Drama Series

Hov is bringing the story of the first Black sniper to the masses

#HurricaneMatthew: Haiti’s Health Conditions Worsen

As country struggles to rebuild, caregivers are faced with mounting health concerns