Daily Archives: August 25, 2016

School Bans ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-Shirts

Student claims school discriminated against her for wearing shirt

In Act of Rage, Man Fatally Punches 2-Year-Old

Zachary Tricoche's bail is set at $1 million.

17 Charged In Craigslist Car Theft Ring

Operation Title Flip comes to a halt

In Custody Death Ruled ‘Accidental’

Department: "Officers should have recognized man's condition and sought medical treatment"

NYC Blames Hurricane Sandy For Missing Murder File

An important file that could exonerate two men has been misplaced

Twitter Remembers Aaliyah

Fifteen years after her death, Baby Girl is still a star

Stomping the Yard: #SoGone For Goals

Be fearless, be faithful and FINISH your college career!

This Woman Only Dates Men With Good Credit

[Opinion] Perhaps you should look beyond his credit score

Woman Gets Racist Letter About Her Grandkids

Kansas woman stunned after anonymous note targets her biracial family

‘Empire’ Slapped with Class Action Lawsuit

Fox network accused of abusing their power and authority

Dallas Shooter Showed PTSD Signs, Records Show

Micah X. Johnson complained of being psychologically affected by war, but little was done

Prosecutors: Restrict Mike Brown Body Photos

Attorneys, Ferguson police force worry photos release could prompt violence

Watch Remastered ‘Daughters of the Dust’ Trailer

It's easy to see why Queen Bey was inspired by this film

Can You Be Single, Christian, and Sexing?

This writer isn’t buying one pastor’s interpretation of the Bible