Daily Archives: July 25, 2016

Celebrating Iman at 61

A look at the stunning Somalian fashion diva on her birthday

NYPD Upgrades Gear After Police Shootings

NYPD is stepping up its gear after recent police attacks

President Obama’s Brother Endorses Trump

"I'm not going to be put in a box just because my brother is the president."

Kiersey Clemons Lands Lead Role In ‘The Flash’

2018 is set to be a MAJOR year for us in comic book films.

Man Sues Officer After Excessive Force Arrest

This is not the first time Officer Stephen Sigman has used excessive force to apprehend

FBI Investigates DNC Email Hack

Are Russian government workers responsible for the DNC email hack?

Dating the Independent Woman

7 things you need to know

Motivational Word of the Week: ‘Copious’

Start your week off by manifesting all that which you deserve!

Run, Joe Budden, Run!

After the rapper ran after a few Drake fans, social media ran with all the jokes

Job Applications for Dallas PD Triple

After police chief challengers protesters to apply, department sees surge in applications

Michael Jordan Speaks Out Against Police Violence

The NBA legend broke his silence and says he intends to act

Get Down With The New Trailer For ‘The Get Down’

Mark your calendars for this new Netflix original series!

Ryan Coogler Talks ‘Black Panther’

#MondayMotivation: Director breaks down the inspiration behind the revamped comic series

Pokémon Go Game Results in Dangerous Encounter

University of Iowa player had guns drawn on him by police

Chance The Rapper Makes History…Again

Get the scoop on what Lil' Chano from 79th is up to now

Watch: ‘N**ger’ Spray-painted on Woman’s Home

Mother of three's vehicle was also vandalized, gas tank laced with sugar

Fort Myers: Another Site for Mass Shooting

A tragic incident occurred in Florida Monday morning.