Daily Archives: July 8, 2016

Snapchat Sued for Racy Content Pushed to Kids

Celebrity attorney says the app exposes kids to explicit material without warning

Chicago Protesters March for Sterling, Castile

These protesters demanded justice during one of the city's most popular events

Prosecutor Vows Probe Into Minn. Police Shooting

After investigation, a decision will be made on sending the case to a grand jury

Is it Possible to be Pro-Black and Pro-Cop?

Trevor Noah of 'The Daily Show' thinks so.

Cosby Loses Attempt to Have Charges Dropped

Prosecutors say they have enough evidence to proceed to a trial

Rep. Corrine Brown Indicted on Fraud Charges

Prosecutors say the Florida Congresswoman set up a phony charity to benefit herself

The Mental Effects of Watching Police Shootings

What can happen to our minds after watching police shootings and what we can do.

Ciara & Russell Wilson Joke About ‘the ‘Goodies’

Looks like the newlyweds are having a 'Body Party.'

Jay Z Releases Protest Song ‘Spiritual’

The Jigga man uses his platform to address the madness

Another Day, Another Hashtag

And another reason to NOT live in silence.

Love Couple: Tiffany Germain & Patrice Germain

Check out the latest example of Black love!