Daily Archives: June 27, 2016

Baltimore Rapper Fatally Shot After Peace Rally

Emerging artist, Lor Scoota was dedicated to changing his life and giving back to the community

Maxwell Releases Sultry New Love Song

He wants you to know 'All the Ways Love Can Feel'

DOJ Hosts Summit on Youth Violence

Summit meant to establish ways to prevent youth violence in country

7 Tips for Dating Someone Ambitious

Tips on how to successfully date a dream chaser

Justin Timberlake Catches Heat From Social Media

JT was inspired by Jesse Williams' BET Awards speech, but one-line sent Twitter after him.

Baltimore Police Criticized For Gray Tweets

Police lodge called out for publicly celebrating officer's acquittal

Jesse Williams Had More to Say After BET Speech

"Just because I can act doesn’t mean I have to shut up"

In the U.S., Black Imprisonment Rate Rises

Report encourages country's justice system to take a closer look at racial, ethnic disparities

Supreme Court Rules on Crucial Abortion Issue

Justices say abortion clinic regulations in Texas were really just attempts to prevent women from using their services