Daily Archives: June 13, 2016

Big Sean Tackling Homelessness in Detroit

Happy Headline: The Sean Anderson Foundation partners with college program

How Soul Searching Can Reveal Your Soulmate

In order to find your soulmate, you must do some soul searching

After Orlando, We Refuse to Live in Fear

In the wake of this tragedy, Black LGBTQ people refuse to be silenced.

Ruling Leaves Puerto Rico at Congress’ Mercy

The island is struggling to overcome a decade old financial crisis

Mother of 3 Gunned Down While Protecting Kids

29-year-old Jessica White died after being shot in the chest Saturday

#MotivationalMonday: 5 Ways to Do You

In life, the best thing you can do is do YOU always

Hip Hop Hall of Fame Campaigns for Biggie Statue

Another move to preserve the legacy of Biggie Smalls

Street Named After NBA Vet Anthony Mason

Late New York native honored with street over the weekend

Grief Continues as Names of Orlando Victims Emerge

Many of those killed were simply out to party at a popular gay nightspot

Black Actors Make History At the Tony Awards

Looks like Hollywood needs to take a cue from Broadway.

Trending: Growing Up With Brown Skin

The latest hot topic highlighting the Black experience