Daily Archives: June 2, 2016

CPS Head Warns Schools Might Not Open in Fall

State's lawmakers still cannot agree on a budget for school district

Want Your Life to Matter? Be a 400-Pound Gorilla

Wait, Black lives don't matter to animal lovers?

She Won: Tamar Braxton Lands New Gig

Get the scoop on how Tay quickly bounced back

Ugh, Stacey Dash is Talking Again

She's back, and you probably still won't like what she has to say

You’re Single & You’re Still Enough

When it comes to being single, the best thing you can do is not be "whack"

Breaking: Prince Died from Drug Overdose

A law enforcement official close to the investigation confirmed news on Thursday

‘Roots’ Then & Now With Louis Gossett Jr.

Legendary actor talks "Roots" and the impact of series on society today

#WearOrange: ‘Party for Peace’ Set for Today

Group is encouraging everyone to wear orange as a symbol of peace

Myth About Blacks, Gun Violence Debunked

Report reveals what Blacks really think about gun violence in America