Daily Archives: May 31, 2016

Alicia Keys: Real and Raw

Power vocalist discusses breaking the ideals of perfection

NYC Husband Beats Would-Be Rapist to Death

The man fought his wife's attacker before killing him

Michael Jace Convicted in Wife’s Death

Actor is set to be sentenced in June

Charges Filed: IL Woman Fires Warning Shot

A warning shot may cost this woman her freedom

7 Rules to Staying Out of the Friend Zone

Fellas, these 7 tips will help you stay out of the friend zone

Big Boi Schooled After Motherhood Comment

One of the most educated social media clapbacks

Snoop Dogg Boycotts ‘Roots’ Series

Entertainer encourages people to create current content

Gorilla Death: A Matter of Race?

Parents of child involved in gorilla killing criticized

At Least 6 Dead, 69 Shot in Violent Chicago Memorial ...

The violence comes in spite of increased police patrols