Daily Archives: May 9, 2016

Duke Ellington “Treasures” Up for Auction

Get your hands on items from one of music history's greatest!

Rihanna Launches Foundation Scholarship

Find out how the global star is expanding her vision

New Ferguson Police Chief Says He was ‘Called’

Delrish Moss was sworn in Monday and says he will bring change to the beleaguered town

West Point Cadet Photo Sparks Controversy

West Point cadets are being scrutinized for gesture pointed out by a blogger

Ja Rule Gets Demolished by Twitter

Ah dang, Ja. Haven't you learned not to believe everything you read?

Should Fans Be Mad at Lauryn Hill or Get Over ...

L-Boogie issues a lengthy apology, but is it enough?

Lee Daniels Out As Director of Richard Pryor Film

Find out why the 'Empire' showrunner is taking leave of the project

Phillip Buchanon Talks ‘New Money: Staying Rich’

Veteran pro athlete shares concept behind financial literacy game

It’s a Spiritual Thing: Choosing the Right Partner

If he or she isn't elevating you, they're holding you down

Federal Security Officer Shooter Expected in Court

Eulalio Tordil is suspected in three fatal shootings