Daily Archives: April 27, 2016

What Would You Do With a #WomanCard?

First the "race" card. Now this.

Report: Baltimore Cop Shoots 13-year-old Boy

Boy was shot early Wednesday afternoon

NBA Playoffs: Griffin Out, Paul Has Hand Surgery

The injuries dim the team's prospects in the series against Portland

Black Students Behind Racist School Drawing

A racist drawing appeared on campus earlier this month

D’Angelo’s Prince Tribute Was Perfect

D'Angelo's 'Tonight Show' appearance gave us chills.

Birdman Makes Profit with “Respek” Apparel

Celebs turning phrases into profit...'Respek" the hustle

3 Signs You’re Dating A Dream Killer writer Tatianah Green tells us if we're with the right person

First Footage of Tupac Biopic Hits Web

Tupac is coming to the big screen in 'All Eyez On Me.'

Diary of a Fit Woman: Make Cheat Meals Count

How to make your cheat meal your main meal

Rev. Samuel “Billy” Kyles, Aide to MLK, Dies at 81

The civil rights leader stood a few feet away from King when he was assassinated

Fla. Police Chief to Cops: ‘Stop Excessive Force’

"As officers we have an obligation to protect the public"

Kerry Washington Inks Deal With ABC

Kerry Washington is cooking up new content for TV.

Common Ground Hosts 5th Annual Awards Gala

La Vie En Rose was the theme of this year's Common Ground Foundation Awards Gala.