Daily Archives: April 13, 2016

Report May Confirm Worst Fears About Chicago Police

Task force addresses cop view of the worth of minority lives

Black America’s 3 Favorite Sports Teams

The top 3 teams that Black America loves to root for

‘Affluenza’ Teen Sentenced to 2 Years

Ethan Couch killed four motorists in June 2013

Teen Makes History With Division I Scholarship

Now here's a happy headline!

Lawsuit Filed Over Civil Rights Protest Anthem

"We Shall Overcome" became a poignant anthem for the civil rights movement

Ciara, Future and Dueling Lawsuits

Exes may cross paths at Billboard Awards...this latest development won't help

6 Celebrities Who Spread Autism Awareness

These celebrities are pushing for awareness of the disorder

5 Questions with Chaz Ebert

Wife of Roger Ebert talks carrying on in her passion for film, telling the Emmett Till story

3 Meal Plans You Must Try to Stay Fit

Diary of a Fit Woman Teaches Low Calorie, Carb and Vegan Quick Fixes

CoverGirl(s): Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Willow Smith

Slay and educate! These ladies have "it"

Protest, Vigil Held After Chicago Cop Kills Teen

16-year-old Pierre Loury was fatally wounded by a CPD officer Monday

Cosby Hopes to Reseal Damaging Testimony

Lawyers want to reverse the release of the decade-old court deposition