Daily Archives: April 5, 2016

Who’s That Girl? Kerry Washington On AdWeek Cover

Altered image causes "Scandal" star to speak out

NC LGBT Discrimination Law Backlash Heightens

Law bans trangendered persons from using bathroom of their choice

Mississippi Gov. Signs ‘Religious Freedom’ Law, Despite Opposition

Many say the new law amounts to allowing people to discriminate against LGBTs

Justin Bieber’s Dreads: An Insult to Black Fans

[Opinion] Justin Bieber's dreads aren't a style, it's disrespect

Beyoncé Flips The ‘Formation’ Conversation

Beyonce to ELLE: "Let's be clear: I am against police brutality and injustice."

So, About That Michael Jordan Crying Meme

Ever wondered where that emotional meme of Michael Jordan came from? We found the answer.

Wrongfully Imprisoned Couple to Be Released

Couple was sentenced 20-25 years for alleged drug possession

Jennifer Hudson, James Corden Belt the Gospel

The entertainers added a gospel twist to these kiddie hits

Justice in Ferguson? Tax Hike Vote Could be the Key

Find out why some say sales and property taxes must go up

Possible $4.9. Million Settlement in Chicago Police Custody Death

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration has agreed to pay millions to Philip Coleman's family.