Daily Archives: October 1, 2015

RZA Honored at PETA Awards

Wu-Tang member receives Humanitarian Award

T-Pain Announces Album Release Date

"Stoicville: Phoenix Rising" will drop at the end of the year

Paley Center to Celebrate Black Entertainers

Black entertainers to be honored later this month

Ja Rule To Go On Tour with Ashanti

The duo is working on new music and a film

Chet Haze is Back…With an Apology

Chet Haze has a few things to get off his chest

The Latest on the Deadly Community College Shooting

Shooting happened at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg

Stuart Scott Honored at His Alma Mater

UNC-Chapel Hill pays homage to Scott's work and legacy

Lawsuit: Trading Sex for Repairs?

Residents say they had to perform sexual favors for maintenance

Glory Johnson Kicked Out of Griner Home

Johnson ordered by court to vacate premises

Charleston Shooter’s Trial Delayed

Trial pushed back to at least January

Oregon Begins Sale of Recreational Weed

Some of more than 250 dispensaries opened their doors soon after midnight