Daily Archives: September 11, 2015

9/11: I Remember

A reflection on one of the crimes that changed America forever

Love Couple: Alvontee and Dondrais Montford

Meet the latest example of Black love

5 Things with Brandi Maxiell

She talks family, love and keeping her cool

JETflix Friday

Wondering what's new on the big & small screen? JET's got you covered

Serena Williams’ Grand Slam Bid Resumes

Star inching closer to Grand Slam title

Chris Brown Fighting for Royalty

Entertainer wants to split custody of daughter

Billie Holiday Hologram Takes The Stage

Audience will engage in an interactive experience with Lady Day

Watch: Video of Natasha McKenna Incident

Woman died while being restrained in police custody.

Scandal Season 5: It’s Handled

It's about to get even more twisted and deceitful

Bail Hearing for Ex-Officer in Walter Scott Case

No decision yet for ex-officer in shooting case

9/11: Families Gather in Memory of Loved Ones

Anniversary has become an occasion for public reflection on site of the terror attacks