Daily Archives: August 24, 2015

Flyer Depicting Klansman Shooting Boy Surfaces

Racist flyer causes stir in Black neighborhood

Ferguson Judge Announces Massive Changes

Changes include withdrawing many old arrest warrants

Woman Attacks Black Lives Matter Movement

Black mother's rant goes viral

Shonda Rhimes Selling Comedy

She definitely brings the drama, will her comedy bring in the numbers too?

Love Advice: Balancing Act

Tips for finding strength during tough emotional trials

Tracy Morgan is Married!

Feel the love and happiness!

Vacation Over? Return to Work Successfully

Manage the sadness and madness of going back to work

Juror Issued Challege in Jonathan Ferrell Trial

"What did Jonathan Ferrell do, and I underlined 'do,' to warrant death: 10 shots?"

Women Humiliated, Kicked Off Of Train

What year is this?!

Winnie Harlow Defends Fans in “Blackface” Flap

Model draws line between cultural appropriation and sincere admiration

Growing Up Fatherless

A reader talks about her personal journey of acceptance

Fraser-Pryce Matches Usain Bolt for World Title

Both champs came into the championships with two Olympic and two world titles in the 100.

Sam DuBose Killing Prompts School Investigations

Campus law enforcement community taking a closer look at police practices