Daily Archives: July 8, 2015

Carnival Cruise Adds Cuba to its Itinerary

Learn how you can board the ship

Disney Removes Bill Cosby Statue

Removal comes days after documents of star admitting to giving a woman sedatives surfaced.

Chance the Rapper Takes Kids on Field Trip

The students visit the Chicago Field Museum

Baltimore Mayor Fires City’s Police Commissioner

Deputy Police Commissioner Kevin Davis will serve as interim commissioner.

No Sex? Why Russell Wilson & Ciara Are #Winning

Why the famous couple's decision to abstain is a lesson on sexual freedom.

Nykhor Paul Snaps on ‘White Fashion World’

Nykhor: "Fashion is art, art is never racist, it should be inclusive..."

Lil Wayne Announces Lil Weezyana Fest

The event will reunite members from the Hot Boys

Watch: MTV’s ‘White People’

White people sharing the truth about "Whiteness"

Rosie Perez Is Leaving ‘The View’

The co-host wants to focus on her acting career

Smithsonian Defends Bill Cosby Exhibit

Museum says it "in no way condones this behavior."

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Bill Cosby

Talk show host says she "needs more proof."

Muslim Campaign Helps Rebuild Burned Churches

A group of U.S. Muslims are raising money for Black churches effected by fires recently.

NY to Offer Non-Bail Option for Suspects

$18 million plan allows judges to replace bail for low-risk defendants with supervision options