Daily Archives: June 18, 2015

Watch: Brave New Films Tackles Media Bias

A spot-on analysis of inequality

History Repeating? Attack on Black Church

JET looks back in the wake of this current tragedy

In Response to the #CharlestonShooting

Horrific act is latest reminder of racism in America.

Memorial Planned for Elbert Williams

NAACP activist believed to be the first to die in civil rights movement.

5 Surprising Signs of Dehydration

Why you need water.

Girls Scout Troop Racially Taunted

Bigotry shows no age discrimination.

Woman to Be Face of $10 Bill

Changes to face of $10 bill coming soon!

Lil Wayne Announces Album Release Date

"Free Weezy Album" will drop on July 4.

Minute by Minute: Updates On the #CharlestonShooting

A lone white gunman murdered nine Black churchgoers Wednesday

#CharlestonShooting: Social Media Reacts

Ordeal brings about mixed emotions. Hunt for gunman continues

Gunman in Charleston Church Shooting Identified

Dylann Storm Roof opened fire on a Bible group late Wednesday Evening

9 fatally shot at historic black church in Charleston

Shooting believed to be a hate crime