Daily Archives: June 2, 2015

Shonda Rhimes’ Next Big Project

What happened when the content creator said "Yes" for an entire year?

Catching Up With: Elise Neal

Hollywood Diva talks being fit, fine and fabulous at (almost) 50!

Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooting Suspect in Custody

Jimmy Carlton Winfrey charged in connection to the crime

Peep: Jason Derulo’s Billboard Cover Shoot

25-year-old singer talks split with Jordin and fitness.

RHOA Star Blasted for Caitlyn Jenner Comments

He came for Caitlyn and they came for him

Disabled Man Finds Racist Letter on Car Windshield

Called a 'n****r' after legally parking in handicapped spot

N-Word Use Denied, Chet Haze

Chet Haze explains his "right" to use the N-Word...

Living in Your Feelings

10 ways to live in love

How I Achieved Emotional Freedom

Strategies for overcoming negative experiences

Lil Wayne Involved in alleged Assault

This nonviolent event got...well, violent.

Missouri Cops Stop Blacks at Alarming Rate

Blacks are 73% more likely to be pulled over by police

STL Police Use Stun Guns on Peaceful Protesters

Protesters say police attacked them without reason

Are The Bulls Bringing in ‘The Mayor’?

The Chicago Bulls may have their next head coach