Daily Archives: December 12, 2014

Happy Headlines: Alabama Officer Protects and Serves

Kind cop buys grandmother food instead of arresting her for shoplifting

Adrian Peterson’s Appeal Denied, Suspension Upheld

Peterson was charged with felony child abuse in September

Police Probe Eric Garner Chokehold Case

Investigation could lead to public trial, dismissal, forced retirement

Talk Back: Blacks Partly to Blame for Troubles

Reader suggests self-help solutions for the larger community

What Year is This: Cafe’ Owner Sued for Racial Bias

Lawsuit claims owner discriminates against employees with "big butts"

Tamir Rice Autopsy Released

Boy died from a single shot; more details of case

Crack Down: New York Post, FOX Need Seats

Outlets opt to remind Jay-Z of his "crack dealer" past in headlines


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Black Sororities, Fraternities Differ On Protests

Black Greeks battle with staying relevant in Black community and protecting reputation

Buy Black: Naturals By Gina B

Entrepreneur shares her story, plus body balm giveaway