Daily Archives: August 11, 2014

Robin Williams Dead at 63

The Oscar-winning actor and comedian was battling depression

Aunt Jemima Heirs Sue Pepsi & Quaker Oats

The great grandson is seeking $2 billion, plus punitive damages


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Lawyer: No Drugs, Booze in Woman Beaten by Officer

Homeless woman Marlene Pinnock has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder

Witnesses: Teen Had Hands Raised When He was Shot

FBI opened an investigation into the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown

WATCH: Sherri Shepherd Bids “The View” Goodbye

Shepherd will join Keke Palmer in Broadway's rendition of "Cinderella"

Joseline Hernandez & Stevie J Announce Tour

The couple made the announcement on Instagram

Harlem Homes Remodeled As Art Galleries

Work by over a dozen individual artists will be put into the homes

WATCH: Sisterhood of Hip Hop Trailer

The new reality show premieres Aug. 12

PHOTOS: 2014 Neighborhood Awards

The awards paid homage to community leaders making a difference

Miami Cop Reinstated After Shooting Unarmed Man

The MPD has returned him to his job with full pay

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts for Healthy Skin

Our beauty blogger shares rules for healthy skin

Lawyer: Tracy Morgan Struggling After Crash

The wreck killed 62-year-old comedian James McNair and injured two others

Barneys to Pay $525K in NY Shopper-profiling Probe

Barneys will also hire an "anti-profiling consultant" for two years

Vandalism, Looting After Vigil for Michael Brown

Crowds looted and burned stores Sunday night

Obama Directs Funds to Fight Terrorists in Africa

Operation Barkhane involves Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad and Mali

5 Easy Financial Fixes You Need to Know

Looking for a financial boost? Check within

Police: 2 Slain, 5 Hurt in New Orleans Shooting

Drive-by shooting happened Sunday night