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Post It Notes: Hottest Headlines on 4/29

Catch up on the hottest headlines

White House Denounces Sexual Assault in PSA

"1 is 2 Many" campaign takes aim at campus rape

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

Punishment comes in response to racist comments

NAACP Forgives Donald Sterling, Do You?

Organization announces it is willing to work with the Clippers owner

Employee Opens Fire at FedEx Sorting Center

Three in critical condition following shooting

Do Grades Still Matter?

Having good grades doesn't always guarantee success

NeNe Eliminated from ‘DWTS’

RHOA star performed the Argentine tango

What Can the NBA Do to Donald Sterling?

Sports expert on what can legally be done to the Clippers owner

7 Rules of Being a Good Friend

Making friends is easy, it's keeping them that's hard.

Karlyn Hylton & Scotty Boler

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