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Tater Tutorial: Preparing Potatoes

Learn the tasty truth about these roots

JETflix Fridays

Wondering what to watch for movie night? JET has got you covered

I Can’t Twerk: Confessions of an Awkward Black Girl

The trials and tribulations of dropping it like it's hot

Cornel West to Deliver Keynote Address

Intellectual to speak at "Here Are All the Black People" career fair


Catch up on the hottest headlines

What Year Is This? Slave Re-enactment

Exercise included being placed in a "slave ship," chased through a field

Doctors Team Up with Disney Junior

"Doc McStuffins" tour proves that doctors come in all colors

Rihanna Debuts New Documentary

"Half of Me" reveals different side of pop star

Late-night Chicago Attack Wounds 13

Three victims, including 3-year-old boy, are in critical condition

Review: “Prisoners”

JET's Editor-in-Chief Mitzi Miller spills about a knuckle-biting thrill ride

Listen Up: New R&B Album Must-Haves

Check out new CDs recently released by R&B artists you love, old and new.