Daily Archives: June 18, 2013

Web Reacts to George Zimmerman Trial Day 7

We continue our round ups of public reactions to the George Zimmerman trial.

Tales From a 99 Day Juicing Challenge – Part 4

Writer shares her experience on a 99 day juice fast.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Wants Leniency

Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. wants to serve time first, if he and his wife, Sandi Jackson, are sentenced to prison.

Tyler Perry Donates $50k to Paralyzed Hero

Tyler Perry donates $50k to man who became paralyzed after saving a little girl from drowning.

Kimye Still Working on Their Daughter’s Name

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are narrowing down baby names.

Unpaid Internships in Jeopardy After Court Ruling

A federal judge in New York ruled that Fox Searchlight violated minimum wage and overtime laws by not paying interns.