Daily Archives: June 17, 2013

Death row inmate walks free

After being on death row for 27 years, Paula Cooper is being released

Help Was Close for Ariel Castro’s Victims

Police visited Castro's block one out of every three days, or 1,099 times.

Watch for It: Lenny Cooke Documentary

“Whatever happened to?” Those are three dreaded words for star athletes. Sometimes the answer is drug use.  Other times, it’s financial mismanagement.  Frighteningly often, it’s ...

Biggest Black Box Office Flops

Not every blockbuster star hits his/her mark. Here are a few notable misses

Lyndsay Levingston & Bradford Christian

Lyndsay Levingston & Bradford Christian Venue: Brentwood Baptist Church in Houston, TX Honeymoon: None Home: Jersey City, NJ • Lyndsay is a multimedia/PR professional. Bradford is ...

Andre De Shields Stars in ‘The Jungle Book’

Andre De Shields talks 'The Jungle Book' The Goodman Theater.