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Hottest Singles Nominee: Brandy Simms

Name: Brandy Simms Age: 44 Hometown: Oakland, CA Current Residence: Montgomery Village, MD Occupation: Journalist What Makes You the Hottest Single? I’m an award-winning journalist. What is the Most Outrageous ...

Hottest Singles Nominee: Kimberly Kirby

Name: Kimberly Kirby Age: 29 Hometown: Upper Marlboro, MD Current Residence: Boston, MA Occupation: Special Education What Makes You the Hottest Single? I have a successful career and I’m very ...

Hottest Singles Nominee: Toni Alexander

Name: Toni Alexander Age: 24 Hometown: Chester, SC Current Residence: Carrollton, GA Occupation: Graduate Student What Makes You the Hottest Single? I am determined, smart and I embrace my curves ...

Hottest Singles Nominee: Jasmine Clayton

Name: Jasmine Clayton Age: 21 Hometown: Richmond, VA Current Residence: Richmond, VA Occupation: Student/ Waitress What Makes You the Hottest Single? Not only am I a pretty face, ...

Hottest Singles Nominees: Michael Spence

Name: Michael Spence Age: 30 Hometown: New York, New York Current Residence: Harlem, New York Occupation: Attorney/Artist Manager What Makes You the Hottest Single? My relentless ambition and drive to ...

Hottest Singles Nominee: Antoinette Houston

Name: Antoinette Houston Age: 33 Hometown: Chicago, IL Current Residence: Lynwood, IL Occupation: Sr. Software Engineer/Spoken Word Artist What Makes You the Hottest Single? I am a fraction of “we,” ...

Hottest Singles Nominee: Chrishon Lampley

Name: Chrishon Lampley Age: 38 Hometown: Downers Grove, IL Current Residence: Chicago, IL Occupation: Radio Host/Boutique Manager What Makes You the Hottest Single? Determined, giving, loyal, and never give up. ...

Web Reacts to George Zimmerman Trial Day 2

NYPD detective says Trayvon Martin would still be alive if it weren't for his "street attitude."

Hottest Singles Nominee: Felicia Pugh

Name: Felicia Pugh Age: 47 Hometown: Chicago, IL Current Residence: Hiram, GA Occupation: Social Media Manager What Makes You the Hottest Single? My will to never give up ...

Hottest Singles Nominee: Laquan Crosby

Name: Laquan Crosby Age: 27 Hometown: Newark, NJ Current Residence: Orange, NJ Occupation: Transit supervisor/Trainer What Makes You the Hottest Single? Laquan Crosby is the hottest single, not only because he ...

Hottest Singles Nominee: Ebony Utley

Name: Ebony Utley Age: 34 Hometown: Indianapolis, IN Current Residence: Long Beach, CA Occupation: Professor What Makes You the Hottest Single? My fearlessness makes me the hottest single. I am ...

Niecy Nash on Marriage, Playing Matchmaker, More

Niecy Nash talks about playing matchmaker, knowing her place in a marriage and believing in soulmates.

He Said, She Said With Cedric and Niecy

Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash of TV Land’s "The Soul Man" give relationship advice.

Chatting With: William Michael Cunningham

Cunningham predicts his social media platform could breathe new life into businesses of color.

Edwin Hodge is Ready To Thrill

Newbie actor shares some wisdom he got from Samuel L. Jackson

Jazz Legend Ramsey Lewis Live in NYC

Jazz legend Ramsey Lewis performing at Aaron Davis Hall Father's Day Weekend.

New Film Addresses Solutions to Fatherlessness

Filmmaker Kobie Brown strives toward solutions for fatherlessness in the black community.

Oprah Donates $12 Million to Museum

Her gift to the National Museum of African American History and Culture is the largest yet.

George Zimmerman Trial Live Stream

The trial for George Zimmerman, who fatally shot an unarmed Trayvon Martin in Florida, has begun.