Daily Archives: December 17, 2012

President Obama Gives Emotional Speech at Newtown Vigil

President Obama made his way to Newtown, CT on Sunday to give a heartfelt speech to the survivors of the Sand Hook Elementary shooting.

The Newtown Victims: Remembering the Lives Lost

This weekend our nation came together to offer support and prayers for the victims and families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. On Friday ...

Student Survives Newtown School Shooting By Playing Dead

Out of the three remaining survivors of the Newtown School shooting, one of the most sensational stories is that of a first-grade student who played ...

Cover Story: Brandy Chats Growth, Bouncing Back From Adversity

Brandy chats with JET about growth, new music and bouncing back from adversity.

White House: Gun Violence is Complex Problem

The White House says curbing gun violence is a complex problem that will require a "comprehensive solution."

Newtown Holds the First Funerals For the Victims

A grief-stricken Newtown began laying to rest the littlest victims of the school massacre, starting with two 6-year-old boys — one of them a big ...

Morgan Freeman Denies Newtown Shooting Comments

Morgan Freeman's PR team says the actor never made comments or a Facebook post about the Newtown shooting in Connecticut.

Angela Riley

Angela Riley is named JET Beauty of the Week.

Number One Stunners: Stars Who Rocked Out in 2012

From the Obamas to Kerry Washington to Azealia Banks, we chose a crop of stars who shined this year.

Five Things About Kenya Doll Creator Neil Levine

JET magazine sat down with Kenya Doll creator Neil Levine to find out why he's inspired to make a positive difference in how children perceive ...

School Principal Encourages Better Education For Athletes

The key word in the term “student athlete” is student. But Illinois’ Rockford Public School District seems to be putting athletics before academics. In a ...