Daily Archives: November 14, 2012

Housewife Runs Over Husband Because Obama Won

By// Chandler Rollins The negative reactions toward President Obama’s reelection hit an all-time high this week. Holly Solomon, a 28-year-old mother-to-be, was arrested for running ...

Swizz Beatz Speaks Out On Tax Issues

By// Chandler Rollins Reports have been brewing this week that Swizz Beatz  is the newest victim of Uncle Sam. The star rapper and producer, born ...

Nick Cannon Is Bringing Back ‘Wild ‘N Out’

By// Chandler Rollins It is hard to remember Nick Cannon as a young goofy kid. But the host of America’s Got Talent and father of ...

Women Who Won Big in Election 2012

By// Chandler Rollins Last Tuesday was a big night for women. Supporters of female candidates came out to the polls and made their voices heard. ...

Should Kevin Clash’s Sexuality Affect Elmo?

Even though Kevin Clash was cleared of charges, some still question the mixture of his career and his sexuality.

Obama continues pressure on labor, business

The President is lobbying business and labor groups to support $1.6 trillion in new revenue to avoid an impending fiscal cliff.

UN says access to contraception a human right

It is the first time the U.N. Population Fund's annual report explicitly describes family planning as a human right.

Byron Leftwich to start at QB for Steelers

Backup QB Leftwich will start against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

Lawmakers probe generals sex scandal

Emails ended David Petraeus' CIA career and exposed a relationship between a Florida socialite and the general commanding the Afghanistan war.

Veteran Actress Lonette McKee Talks New Projects caught up with veteran actress Lonette McKee to chat about her forthcoming performance at The City College of New York and other projects.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. leaves Mayo Clinic

The Chicago congressman left the Mayo Clinic for the second time but didn't disclose where he was going.