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Beauty of the Week: Alexis Becton

Beauty of the Week: Alexis Becton

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By Team JET

Name: Alexis Becton Twitter: @aqueenistand Hometown: Washington, D.C. Occupation: Sales Representative Hobbies: Cheerleading, dance, playing the clarinet, and shopping Favorite Vacation Location: ANY beautiful beach Why I want to ...
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5 Myths About HIV

5 Myths About HIV

Kissing doesn't spread HIV, ignorance does

By Wendy Goodall McDonald

World AIDS Day is December 1st. To commemorate this day, I have put together a list of myths to help increase awareness. Myth #1: HIV and ...
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Shaniika N. Creque

Talk Back: Book Excerpt ‘Soul Scream’

Sometimes you just want to scream ...

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Jazz Keyes

Decoding the Female Language

Keys to finding out what she really means ...

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