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Beauty of the Week: Gabrianna Andrews

Beauty of the Week: Gabrianna Andrews

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Today's Beauty of the Week is a woman who lives up to the standards JET set decades ago. This week's Beauty talks about why she chose to ...
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Buy Black: Orangetheory Fitness

Buy Black: Orangetheory Fitness

This brother-sister duo prove that orange is the new fit

By Joicelyn Dingle

Orangetheory Fitness, founded in 2010, utilizes a personalized, high intensity approach to help clients achieve their health and body goals. The brother-sister duo—Derek Hearne and ...
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Janette Robinson-Flint

Why Ben Carson as HUD Secretary is a Poor Choice

It's not just because he never lived in the projects ...

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Love Couple: Toddreana and Anttwon Thames

Check out this couple's love story! ...

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