Jan 2015

The 2015 White House Student Film Festival

Submission deadline is Feb. ...
By Staff

The 2015 White House Student Film Festival

In 2014, the White House launched its first Student Film Festival which encouraged young filmmakers to create a short video addressing the importance of technology in the classroom.

And the opportunity has arrived once again with the 2015 Student Film Festival!

The White House is, once again, inviting students currently in grades K-12 to submit videos expressing the importance of service and giving back. Accepted submissions will be shown on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at the second Student Film Festival in the nation’s capital.

Interested in learning how to enter? Check out the official White House Student Film Festival video announcement below:

If you know of any schools, students, or perhaps family and friends who may be interested, please visit and download an entry guide here : 

Good Luck!


  1. hadash-hot March 27, 2015 at 12:58 pm - Reply

    that Student Film Festival is a great idea!

  2. hadash-hot July 30, 2015 at 2:02 am - Reply

    This films tell the story of exactly why it's so important that we make sure more classrooms have the kind of cutting-edge technology they promote.

  3. vontube August 18, 2015 at 8:47 pm - Reply

    nice, The 2015 White House Student Film Festival. i like Mr. Obama.

  4. neoimpex May 13, 2016 at 1:06 am - Reply

    I attended this film festival. Amazing experience indeed

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