Apr 2013

Trayvon Martin’s Parents Win Wrongful Death Suit

Trayvon Martin's parents expected to receive $1million payout. ...

Trayvon Martin’s Parents Win Wrongful Death Suit

Trayvon Martin’s parents are expected to receive a $1 million payout in an agreement stemming from a wrongful death suit, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

The settlement figures were blacked out in legal documents, and the names of the parties dispersing the money to the Martin family were omitted. Part of the agreement is that Martin’s parents won’t speak on the exact dollar amount.

Martin, 17, was gunned down by George Zimmerman last February. Zimmerman asserts that he fired out of self-defense, but faces a second-degree murder charge for the act.

Since his death, Martin’s parents have remained in the public eye keeping their son’s memory alive and seeking legal retribution for the tragedy.¬† Zimmerman’s murder trial begins in June.

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