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Nov 2012

Briana Loyd: Beauty & Brains

Briana Loyd, a nursing student, is chosen as JET's Beauty of the Week. ...

Briana Loyd: Beauty & Brains

Briana Loyd

Briana Loyd, photo by Doss Tidwell

HOMETOWN: Honolulu, HI


MAJOR: Psychiatric nursing

SCHOOL: University of Texas School of Nursing

CAREER GOAL: To become a practicing psychologist and own a sportswear line

HOBBIES: Cooking, exercising, decorating, traveling and attending sporting events


TWITTER: @BrianaBette

WHY SHE WANTS TO BE A JET BEAUTY: “JET embraces women of color, showing their inner and outer beauty. I feel like it’s also a great historical accomplishment to be among women of intelligence and class.”

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