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Jan 2013

Beauty of the Week Finalist A. Jai Simone

Beauty of the Week finalist A. Jai Simone. ...

Beauty of the Week Finalist A. Jai Simone

A. Jai Simone

Hometown: Miami, FL
Residence: Atlanta, GA
Major: Pharmacy
School: Florida A&M University
Career Goal: To be an Oscar-winning actress, who wakes up every morning loving what I do
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Twitter: @ajaisimone
Why She entered the JET Beauty search: “JET is a timeless classic. Plus, it’s an opportunity to showcase all the different forms of beauty.”
What She Learned From Cynthia Bailey: “Be yourself, don’t force anything, and let the camera capture you.”

Stylist Info:
Photo by Allen Cooley: Wardrobe Terrence Staunton/The Bailey Agency;  Hair Stylist Sandye Lomax and Vonzell Derrico; Makeup summer Fuller/Danyelle Davis Fashion Fair.

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