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Jan 2014

Angela Gonzalez: Beauty of the Week

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By JET staff




HOMETOWN: West Deptford, NJ


SCHOOL: University of Florida

MAJOR: MBA in Information Technology

CAREER GOAL: To be a children’s software technician

HOBBIES: Shopping, scuba diving, basketball and scrapbooking


INSTAGRAM: @AngelaYGonzalez

WHY SHE WANTS TO BE A JET BEAUTY: “I want to show young girls that there is more to beauty than what is on the outside. You have to have a brain and a heart and I use both of mine daily.”


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  1. RJW January 6, 2015 at 9:52 am - Reply

    As a father of twin girls I truly appreciated Angela's comments. I attended Drexel with her and she always had a confident and respectful demeanor. I hope and pray my girls can aspire to have all of Angela's extraordinary characteristics. Keep perusing all your goals and aspirations. You're Drexel family will continue to pray for and support you.

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