Nov 2016

Pharrell Williams Opens Flagship BBC store in NYC

Just when you thought he couldn't do more, Pharrell Williams opens new store in ...
By Teryn Payne

Pharrell Williams Opens Flagship BBC store in NYC

Fashion Mogul, Pharrell Williams has been hard at work on a very special project.

Today, Williams opened a Billionaire Boys Club Flagship store in New York City. Williams shared the stores’ location on his Twitter, 7 Mercer street in Lower Manhattan.

To celebrate the store opening, Williams took a picture posing with his longtime friend Nigo see below:


A photo posted by Pharrell Williams (@pharrell) on


The flagship store was designed by “Snarkitecure”, a Brooklyn based collaborative architecture practice aimed to misuse or reuse spaces. According to the BBC website, the store will, of course, feature Billionaire Boys Club apparel line along with Human Made, adidas, Kaikai Kiki, Yeezy, Fenty by Puma, CdG Play, Cactus Plant Flea Market, Neighborhood, Timberland, Medicom, and more.



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