Nov 2012

71st Annual Magic City Classic

71st annual Magic City Classic features Frankie Beverly & Maze and more. ...

71st Annual Magic City Classic

By// Mariah Craddick

Alabama A&M University and Alabama State University went head-to-head at this year’s 71st annual Magic City Classic game in Birmingham, Ala. at Legion Field. The match-up drew in more than a quarter million attendees, which resulted in an Alabama A&M 31-13 victory.

Game-goers were also thrilled by the sounds of Morris Day and The Time at a Susan G. Komen Concert and Block Party and Frankie Beverly and Maze at a post-game concert. Biz Markie, Dougie Fresh, Kid Capri and T.I. also joined in on the festivities, performing at some of the parties.

Last year’s Magic City Classic brought in $24.3 million for Birmingham and this year’s is expected to do even more. It is the largest HBCU classic in the country.

Check out some of the photos we snagged:

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