Feb 2013

Salli Richardson Talks Faith and Her Latest Film ‘Pastor Brown

Actress Salli Richardson talks about her role in her latest film, "Pastor Brown." ...

Salli Richardson Talks Faith and Her Latest Film ‘Pastor Brown

JETmag.com caught up with veteran actress Salli Richardson to chat about her latest role in Lifetime’s upcoming original movie, Pastor Brown, which also stars Tasha Smith, Rockmond Dunbar, Angie Stone, Monica Calhoun and more.

Explain what Pastor Brown is about, and talk about the role you play.

In essence, it’s about a woman who has lost her way. It happens for a lot of people in our society. You can be pulled down low in places that you never thought you would find yourself and because of the illness of her father, which you know sometimes God uses tragedy to help you and to change your life. It draws her back to where she’s supposed to be, and to real change. And that’s what it’s about. No matter how low you go in this world, you can always find your way back home. And you can always redeem yourself.

Was there anything in the lead part that you kind of saw in yourself?

I think we all have done things we wished we hadn’t done. We always think how could I have done that? Can God forgive me? Can my family forgive me? So I think I definitely had some things like that. Not to the extent of stripping in the club and leaving my family for years. But yes, there’s definitely things to pull from. You know, I’m a Christian and I try to lead a Christian life, but that’s hard because all we are is human. There’s always something to be forgiven for.

Angie Stone is also in the movie so, does that mean there’s music involved?

There’s not really music. Angie and Monica [Calhoun] were there acting. I think maybe they have some songs on the soundtrack. But they were there acting and this really is a piece – this really is a great movie with some great actors in it with a really big cast of solid people, where you’re going to see some really good performances and though it’s about the church, it happens – well, it’s not about the church actually. It happens in the church. It’s the backdrop. But it’s not a movie where you have to be Christian or you have to be in the church to enjoy it. It’s really about this woman and her family and the bad decisions that she makes and making better ones. It just happens to have the background of church.

What do you hope viewers take away from Pastor Brown?

I hope that people – first of all, I know that people will leave entertained. It’s that kind of film and you’re going to feel for everybody. But I hope that especially young girls – being in Atlanta for that amount of time, with the amount of strip clubs that are there, you know there’s a lot of lost women out there. And to know that there’s no judgment in that. We all do what we have to do at times in our life that we can all find a different path. And a better path and not be judged for that stuff but move on and be happy from there and there’s always, always time. You never run out of time to change your life.

Catch Pastor Brown on Saturday, February 16 on Lifetime at 8/7 c.

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