Dec 2012

Legendary Tap Dancer Jeni LeGon Dies at 96

Legendary African American female tap dancer Jeni LeGon dies at 96. ...

Legendary Tap Dancer Jeni LeGon Dies at 96

Jeni LeGon died Friday at the age of 96 at her home in Vancouver, reports The Grio.

LeGon, who is from the south side of Chicago, was one of the first African-American women in tap dance to develop a career as a soloist.

The Grio reports that the star lander her first job in musical theater at the age of 13, and from there she danced in different shows and clubs around the world. LeGon was known for her unique tap style and wearing pants when other female dancers at the time wore skirts.

LeGon appeared in several films, including the 1935 musical Hooray for Love.

Rest in Peace Jeni LeGon!

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